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SilverHeart Studio’s Desiree Lonsway Creates Art From the Heart!

Desiree Lonsway is best known for her Big Ideas in advertising, marketing and graphic design, but you may not know is that she is also a very talented illustrator and character developer. Her illustrations and characters have been featured in advertising campaigns, on products, events, books, magazines and other publications across the country for over 25 years. Working in a variety of media, Desiree’s work is animated, expressive and whimsical as she brings each illustration to life.


Desiree has been illustrating since she was a child and believes that “Art comes from the Heart”.  She simply sees art in everything. Look through her website to see samples of her work or join SilverHeart Studios on Facebook or Pinterest to see some of her new work, sketches or just to see what’s happening in the studio. We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as she has had creating them.

Desiree Lonsway in her studio with her trusted sidekick Gizzy!